Nash is a proud associate member of the APA, adhering to the highest standards, training and qualifications in modern polygraph examinations.

First & Only EyeDetect Examiner in Maryland

Member of Polygraph Examiners of America

Deception Detection Specialist for Triune Investigations

Certified Private Investigator (MD)

Founder of Validate, LLC


Validate, LLC, formerly known as Deception Detection Specialists, was founded by Investigator Dawn M Nash.  Nash has a long history of serving her country. She is a veteran of the US Navy working previously for military intelligence. Later, she worked as a credentialed Special Investigator in counterintelligence, security clearance and employment suitability. When she wasn’t working, Nash volunteered with the AACFD as a first responder EMT-B  to 911 emergency medical calls. Currently, Nash works full time as a contractor in support of various DoD contracts and conducts Polygraph & EyeDetect lie detector tests for private clients.


Nash brings years of investigative experience and training to the table with advanced interviewing, interrogation, open-source and deception detection training. Nash graduated from an American Polygraph Association (APA) approved school and earned her Post-Conviction Sex Offender Certification (PCSOT).  Nash is the first and only examiner to offer EyeDetect in Maryland. Nash’s deception detection skills extend beyond polygraphs to include written analysis for deception detection, verbal & non-verbal communication and profiling.  She continues her polygraph and deception detection training every two years as well as undergoes constant training for her work in support of the government.