Maryland Polygraph Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your Maryland Polygraph refund and rescheduling policy?

All payments are non-refundable.  Clients may reschedule their Maryland polygraph appointment one time only with 7 days advance notice.  Rescheduling with less than 7 days notice, no-showing your appointment or arriving more than 30 minutes late to your appointment will result in forfeiture of your payment without refund.

Can someone else be present with me during my Maryland polygraph exam?

No. Per APA regulations and standards, only the Subject and the polygraph examiner may be present during a Maryland polygraph exam.

How much does a Maryland polygraph cost?

Private, civil Maryland polygraph fees are:

  • $400 One Person / One Polygraph Test
  • $750 Couple's Exam / Two People / One Polygraph Exam Per Person
  • $1,050 Polygraph Exam for Three People / One Polygraph Exam per Person
  • $1,200 Polygraph Exam for Four People / One Polygraph Exam per Person


Will my exam be private?

All exams are private and confidential.

If I confess to doing something illegal, will I be reported to the authorities?

Unlike the majority of Maryland polygraph examiners  that are prior police officers, federal agents or affiliated with a police department, Investigator Nash does not have a legal obligation to report knowledge of a crime. This is an important consideration when selecting your polygraph examiner. Most current or prior Law Enforcement officers, as well as those affiliated with law enforcement agencies, usually have a legal obligation to report any knowledge of a crime.  Investigator Nash treats your right to privacy very seriously and will protect it within legal and/or ethical limits. However, there are always limitations to your right to privacy with any polygraph examiner regardless of their affiliation which Investigator Nash will discuss with you prior to your examination.

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When will I get my Maryland Polygraph test results?

You'll get your Maryland polygraph test results about 10-15 minutes after the exam is completed on the same day.

Will I get a written report?

Yes. You'll get a very short pass/fail exam report on the same day of the exam. Within 5 business days you'll receive a summary report as well as copy of your written statement.

How do I schedule a Maryland polygraph test?

To schedule your Maryland polygraph test, simply click the link and follow the online instructions.

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