Maryland Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

A real-life professional Maryland polygraph (lie detector test) is very different than what you may have seen on TV.  Maryland polygraph lie detector tests compose of two (or three) different parts to include an interview, optional written statement and the Maryland polygraph exam itself. Below is a brief summary of how the Maryland polygraph lie detector test process works.

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Maryland Polygraph Lie Detector Test

1. Forensic Interview

The first part of our Maryland Polygraph services is to fully discuss the issue. This is done so that the investigator can understand what the issues are and determine what needs to be included in the written statement as well as the questions to ask on the Maryland polygraph lie detector test itself.

2. Written Statement

Next, is an optional written statement. A written statement is one of the most effective way to cover complex issues such as infidelity. With the guidance of the investigator, you'll write a detailed written statement about the issue to include what happen, any admissions or denials.

3. Polygraph Exam

Lastly, we'll conduct a Maryland polygraph exam and provide immediate, same-day results. The investigator will discuss all questions that will be asked during the exam prior to the test ensuring there are no surprise questions. 

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How Much does a Maryland Lie Detector Test Cost?

  • $400 One Person / One Polygraph Test
  • $750 Couple's Exam / Two People / One Polygraph Exam Per Person
  • $1,050 Polygraph Exam for Three People / One Polygraph Exam per Person
  • $1,200 Polygraph Exam for Four People / One Polygraph Exam per Person

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How Many Questions Can I Provide?

If you have specific questions, you will need to complete and submit a "Question Request Form" no less than 24 hours prior to the interview.  On this form, a maximum of 10 questions may be submitted. The questions submitted will be reviewed by the investigator to see if they meet the required standards as outlined on the form.  Only those questions that meet the required standards may be discussed during the forensic interview and, when applicable, answered within the written statement. These questions will  not be asked on the polygraph exam itself.  Per regulations, only the polygraph examiner is authorized to ask questions on the polygraph exam itself.

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Polygraph Lie Detector Test MD

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